HS Frame


Hawke’s range of transit frames, for both welding and bolting, meet the various requirements of offshore and marine applications. HS is the most common frame type. HSF frames are for less accurate holes cut in decks and bulkheads. HSR is a frame for use in high-stress areas. The HSK frame allows installations in positions where the transit needs to elevate above possible contamination. Hawke has frames for both casting into the structure and mounting in lightweight wall constructions. Frames are also available for use in EMC and Explosion applications. This frame type is made of a flat steel bar 60x10 mm. It is welded into a pre-cut hole in a deck or bulkhead. There are four sizes of HS, denoted by 2, 4, 6 and 8 depending on their height. They may be combined vertically & horizontally to create multiple frames. The HS is welded into an accurately pre-cut hole in the deck or bulkhead. As with all our frames, HS is produced in mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. For installations where cables are already in place, see HSO which has a removable end.


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