Nuclear Power

The basis for fire protection in a nuclear power plant is to divide the plant into fire zones and fire cells which are separated by fire rated structures. The compartmentalization shall provide protection for structures, systems and components important to safety. To minimize the risk of damaging equipment and spreading contamination between rooms caused by flooding and water leakages the structures that separate the different compartments need to be watertight. A nuclear power plant is an industry building equipped with a complex ventilation system to ensure a controlled airflow and proper ventilation management, and to avoid uncontrolled releases to the environment. Hawke cable and pipe penetration seals fulfill all these basic requirements in one flexible solution.

Building Entries

Certified seals to separate fire zones and to stop the risk of flooding or other ingression. The transits will maintain the fire rating of the building structure. Air-tightness and fire protection ensured in outer walls and between buildings or cable culverts. The transits will maintain the fire raiting of the building structure.

Wall/ Floor Transits

Hawke cable and pipe penetration seals are a cost-effective alternative when multiple requirements are to be fulfilled while still providing flexibility, now and for the future. Hawke round penetrations for cables and pipes are cost-effective, especially when additional penetrations are needed.

Safety Related Cabinets

Neat and area efficient cable entry seals suitable for safety and non-safety applications. EMC protection for sensitive equipment. Any cable pass-through of any form is a vulnerable area related to EMC initiated interference if not managed properly.

Critical Areas- Buildings

Hawke EMC seals for efficient elimination of electromagnetic disturbances.


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