Installation Tools and Accessories

Pressing Tools

The pressing tools are Inserted above the top row of blocks. The bolt is tightened to compress the system enabling installation of the pressing system.

Pulling Tools

The pulling tools are for re-entry into system. When the system is need to increase cable/pipe, remove pressing device.


Lubricants are to be used in all installations to assure the proper sealing performance. Lubricant is a kind of animal grease, which is natural and non-corrosive. It is applied to the surface of modules,Clamping device, internal walls of frames, and separating boards, to not only lubricate the surface but improve insulation performance of transits as well..

Intumescent Mastic

The Intumescent Mastic is for frames bolted to walls or floors, Hawke intumescent mastic to be used behind the flange or frame.

Polystyrene Moulds

Polystyrene Moulds is used to cast the frame directly into a wall or floor.

Product Catalog

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