HAWKE-MCT, based in UK, is an international manufacturer of cable and pipe transit system to petrochemical, offshore, marine, nuclear power station and military sectors, etc.

HAWKE-MCT becomes a world-wide leader in the design, development and manufacture of cable and pipe transits.

The company is certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

HAWKE-MCT offers its products and services from several subsidiaries located in UK and China.

HAWKE-MCT has evolved to become stronger over the years in response to meeting the ever tougher demands on product quality and certification. HAWKE-MCT products are have been certified by different industry authorities and third-party inspection institutions in different countries to have obtained a variety of certificates.

Today, the extensive global distributor network ensures the product's availability in most markets. We deliver a wide range of best quality products within a competitive lead time and the most professional service to our customers in the wide range of applications and industries.

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