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    Hawke onboard means safety and long-term operational reliability. Shipbuilders and ship owners standardize with our cable and pipe transits. We provide the sealing solution with the largest number of tests and certificates in the industry.
    Propulsion room
    Use Hawke to achieve well-organized, IP rated cable entries inside and around machinery areas and the engine control room. Hawke cable seals for decks and bulkheads are fire resistant and watertight, and they are also available in EMC versions. The compact solutions are perfect for cabinets. It is quick and easy to use Hawke, since you can route pre-terminated cables and add new cables whenever you need.
    Cabin service lockers
    The Hawke product range includes several cable and pipe sealing solutions that cover the varying and very specific needs onboard each ship. With Hawke cable and pipe seals, you can – separately or together – manage and seal the service pipes and cables connected to the cabin locker area behind the cabin. Hawke frequently solves problems for shipbuilders who need to combine steel and plastic pipes.?
    Water pipes
    Hawke sealing solutions for plastic pipes help you meet safety requirements, but also demands for lower costs and minimized overall weight. With Hawke seals for beverage pipes you get installations that are safe, and penetrations that are fire-proof and completely watertight. There are easy-to-install seals for single pipe penetrations as well as marine fire penetrations seals and collars for multiple pipes available.
    Outer lighting
    Hawke round seals for single cables are perfect for use in outer bulkheads when you want to secure external lighting installations, for example on passenger cabin balconies. The solutions are neat and area efficient, and provide superior protection against fire and water.

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  • EMC Transit System

    EMC installations are used for shielded transits against electromagnetic disturbances. When using Hawke frames we recommend choosing galvaniz…

  • Standard Transit System

    Standard Transit Syetem are used in harzards area ,protecting equipments from water, fire,gas and the risk of explosions.

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