Oil & Gas

Hawke solutions are certified to reduce the risks of fire, blast, weather and other operational hazards for oil and gas applications. Early integration of cable entry designs will reduce project risks and costs.

Control Cabinets and Enclosures

Hawke seals are certified according to the ATEX Directive and the IECEx, International Certification Scheme, for use in Ex rated cabinets and equipment. The seals protect against the risk of explosion as well as against EMI. They also provide efficient solutions for bonding and grounding. Hawke solutions are developed to simplify planning and design and to save engineering time. They are adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes and they even provide built-in spare capacity for future upgrades.

Deck and Bulkheads

Hawke has developed both round and rectangular solutions for sealing of cables through decks and bulkheads. The seals ensure certified protection against water, gas and fire (A, H and J class). They are easy to adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes – and there are also frames with rounded corners available for stress exposed bulkheads.

Cable and Metal Pipe Transits

Hawke cable and pipe transits provide certified protection against fire, gas and water. The seals ensure vibration damping and a clean, area efficient way of fixing and managing multiple cables in challenging areas onboard. The seals are easy to install and adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. They even offer built-in spare capacity for upgrades that require further cables and pipes. This flexibility makes Hawke more practical than any stiff compound – both during the new build phase and in the long run.

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